iPhone Spy App 12 Months license

Order now the iPhone Spy App and have it installed within a few minutes. iPhone Spy can help you to understand your minor children needs and will allow you to support and advise. iPhone Spy is able to read Social Media chats, record phone calls and record the ambient audio. Payments via PayPal are being processed automatically and will allow you to get access to the installation manual instantly. No waiting time. Just order, install and get your peace of mind.



Monitoring and Spy App for iPhones

Install the iPhone Spy App on any jailbroken iPhone and be able to monitor your minor children digital live and follow their footprints. iPhone Spy App is installed on an iPhone within a few minutes and will deliver results almost instantly. Record phone calls, read WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Skype Chats, Track the GPS location and much more.

    • Call Recording

      Any cell phone call on the device will be recorded by the application in the background and will send over to your account shortly after the call ends.

      Read all about iPhone Spy Call Recording

    • Ambient Recording

      Set up an Interval to record the device surroundings and the iPhone Spy App will record it. The Audio file will afterwards send to your account and you can listen to it straight in the Browser.

      Read all about iPhone Spy Ambient Recording

    • Social Media & Messenger

      Our iPhone Spy App supports to many messenger as we can list them all here. Read chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Twitter, VK and many more.

      Read all about iPhone Messenger Spy

    • GPS Tracking

      iPhone Spy tracks the device location permanently and also allows you to setup a geo fence to get notified when the device leaves or enters a certain radius.

      Read all about iPhone Spy GPS Tracking

    • Read more about all Features

      The iPhone Spy App has so many features that we cannot list them all here at this page. Of course iPhone Spy has some basic features like reading contacts, reading SMS, reading call history, etc. Updates for the iPhone Spy App are for free – so when we add new features, you don’t need to top up. Benefit from remote commands, which you can issue any time you want. Change App Settings remotely from the dashboard and many more. Please have in mind that the iPhone has to be jailbroken to be able to install this app.


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