Ship In your device Service

Send us your device and we will prepare it for you. iPhones will be jailbroken, Androids will be rooted. All devices will be prepared with the Spy Application for you. The device will return to you within about 3-4 business days after arrival in our office. Please make sure you the shipping is ensured and that you will get a tracking code. Wrap it nicely so the device is comfy while its on the way to us.



Ship-In the device and we will make it a Spy Phone

Many customers of ours have always asked us if we could prepare a phone they send us, just like we offer our Pre-Installed Spy Phones. Sure we can do that. It doesn’t make really sense to buy a whole new device, when you already have one that can be used. We offer this service since a long time ago and our customers just love it, because in return they will get a completely rooted Android device or a jailbroken iPhone, completely prepared with our monitoring application. Before you order, please make sure you also order a license with us, otherwise we don’t know what to install for you.

We know you are looking for the address on this page. Don’t worry, you will get the details straight after you have finished your order. In case you don’t see our E-Mail, please check your Spam Filter.

    • Android Spy Phone

      Send us any Android devices running on Android 6 Marshmallow and we will have the device rooted and we will install our application on it. You can also send us a Android device running on Android 7 Nougat, but please be aware that we are currently testing our app on Nougat and the tests are not completed yet. Some things that will probably not work properly are Messenger Recording, Telegram Chats, Browser History, E-Mails and some others. Our tests have shown that WhatsApp Chats and Images, Viber Chats and Images, Skype Chats and some other were just working fine. But it’s still in Beta so we cannot guarantee it. What’s working fine is the Auto Update on Android 7. So as soon as we have some fixes, they will be installed just automatically while the device is rooted.

    • iPhone Spy Phone

      At the moment we can only offer to install our application on iPhone 5 to max. iPhone 6s plus. Please make sure, the iPhone you send to us is running on iOS 10.2 Max. At the moment we don’t want to jailbreak an iPhone7 because the Jailbreak is just to risky and to buggy. You can send a iPhone 7 on Max. iOS 10.1.1 anyway, if you are fine when the device bricks in our office. However. You will definitely need to provide us with an Apple ID and its password, so that we can jailbreak the device for you. This is due to the nature of the latest Jailbreaks. You better just create a new Apple ID for that device.


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