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Order the iCloud Spy App now and make sure your minor kids are always safe. iCloud Spy is the best spy solution for iPhones with no jailbreak required. Set up iCloud Spy within a few minutes after placing your order. We will send you an email with set-up information after you place the order. If you can’t find it, check your SPAM folder.



The best way to keep an eye on your children – iCloud Spy!

iCloud Spy is the best solution that doesn’t require jailbreaking your minor child’s iPhone, and without requiring you handle their phone to check it after it’s set up. iCloud Spy reads data from iCloud backups so you can access them in our system. Simply order iCloud Spy, create an account on our system, and enter the phone’s iCloud login data. Approximately 15 minutes later you will be able to view the phone’s backup data. Using iCloud Spy will not issue a notification E-Mail to your children’s Apple ID on logging in to iCloud. These are just some of the features of iCloud Spy — learn more by clicking on the links below.
    • Messenger or Chat Spy

      Currently, WhatsApp, Viber, and many other messaging applications allow their history to be stored in iCloud. Enable iCloud chat backup and our software reads chats from the backup. All iCloud Spy features
    • Address book / contacts

      All contact information stored in iCloud is accessible by iCloud Spy All iCloud Spy features
    • Call log / Call history

      If call logs are stored in iCloud, iCloud Spy will give you access to them. All iCloud Spy features
    • SMS

      Text messages (SMS) are still a popular way to communicate. iCloud Spy can reliably read the text messages from iCloud backups All iCloud Spy features
    • GPS Tracking

      With Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature, you can track the location of your child’s iPhone. We will show you where the phone is in Google Maps. All iCloud Spy features
    • Find the features and specifications of iCloud Spy

      iCloud Spy is your perfect tool to keep an eye on minor children with iPhones. As a parent, you should create the iCloud account for your minor child and also save the login credentials. Enter the iCloud login information into our system and minutes later you will be able to see their data.


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