How to order Spy Apps on FLEXImobile

Just follow the guide below to see how you can order a Spy App on This guide covers just one product from our site, but don’t worry, the procedure is always the same.

    • 01 Choose a Product

    • When you are on the FLEXImobile’s Home Page, you should find three large button for each Spy App product we offer. Just click on the Product you are interested in and you will be forwarded to the Product page, where you can initiate the order process.

    • 02 Add to cart

    • When you were looking for the 12 Months license, then you can simply click on the “Add to Cart” button to continue. In case you want to have another license, just click on one of the buttons for another license, which will just forward you to the right product. From there, also just click on Add to Cart to continue your Spy App purchase.

    • 03 Quick Check

    • As soon as you click on the Add to Cart button, you will be forwarded to your shopping cart. So that you can have an overview of all products you have put in there. Here you can modify the items in your cart. You can delete Items, or add some, and you can also apply a Coupon Code in case you have one. When all details are just fine, simply click on the “proceed to checkout” button.

    • 04 Enter your Details

    • To finish your order, you will have to enter your details. Make sure you fill them all out correctly. In case you have a unused Coupon Code, you can add the Coupon here as well. Use the “Order notes” field under “Additional information” to leave us a special note. In Case you want to create an account, just hit the check box next to “Create an account?”. You dont need an FLEXImobile Account to finish or use the Spy App.

    • 05 Finish the Order

    • To finish your order, you will need to choose whether you want to finish the payment with Paypal or with a Bank Transfer. Details about our Bank Account will be send to you after you have finished your purchase. Please also make sure you read and agree to our Terms & Conditions. Afterward the “Place Order” button will engaged and for you to click on it. In case you have choosen Paypal to finish your order, you will be forwarded to Paypal. You will have to login to your Paypal Account and authorize your payment. Afterwards you will be redirected to FLEXImobile.

    • 06 Install your Spy App

    • After you have finished your order, you will find directly the URL to the Installation Manual for your product. Before you proceed, you should know, that you will also get these information via eMail. In case you didn’t, please have a look in your Spam Filter. Well, now just click the Link to your Installation Manual so that you can start installing the Spy App. A short note, the license duration begins only upon installation on the device. So take your sweet time to read the manual and reach out to us in case you have some further questions.

Extend your FLEXImobile Spy App license

Extending your FLEXImobile Spy App license is no rocket science. Just follow these two simple steps and you are ready to go. The moment your payment has been processed we will extend your license within 18 hours.

01 Choose the Product you want to extend

iPhone Spy App

Duration:1 Month Extend Now!

Duration:6 Months Extend Now!

Duration:12 Months Extend Now!

Android Spy App

Duration:1 Month Extend Now!

Duration:6 Months Extend Now!

Duration:12 Months Extend Now!

iCloud Spy

Duration:12 Months Extend Now!

02 Enter your Billing Details and your Device ID

Enter your Billing Details and also enter your Device ID in the “Order notes” field. And now just finish your order. Please have in mind to order the renewal of your license quite early. You will find your Device ID in your FM Panel Account.

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