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Spy App for iPhones to read Social Media chats, Monitor Images and Videos and more

An awesome application to read chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, record phone calls and many more. The iPhone Spy App can be installed on any jailbroken iPhone from iOS 8. The app is gathering data while running in the background and uploads events mostly in real time, while tracking the device CPU usage and lowering it’s activities if necessary on demand. The app runs efficient for battery and CPU usage while tracking calls, messages, GPS locations, recording phone calls, etc. permanently in the background.

General Features

Tracking call logs, SMS, contacts and calendar events are general features of the iPhone Spy application. This general features will be provided with us much meta data as possible. The call logs will be shown as a list where one can see the call direction, the time-stamp for each call and, if possible, the device GPS location at this call. SMS messages can be shown as a list or as a chat in a form of a conversation. SMS also include all meta information like sender, receiver, time stamps and GPS locations. Contacts will be shown in a list view. Where you can click on any contact and see its full details. The calendar feature will show any scheduled event inc. details like notes, invited persons, etc.

Audio & Recording

Recording phone calls is another powerful iPhone Spy feature. It will record the whole conversation and pass it over to the server afterwards. Of course this will also collect the meta data. It will show the phone calls direction, the contact, its time stamp and also GPS location when ever possible.

Room Bugging

The iPhone Spy application can be used as a room-bug. For this feature one has to define a special phone number and call the iPhone using this phone number. The iPhone will take this call and activate the iPhone’s microphone so that one can hear its surroundings. Before you use this feature, please make yourself familiar with it before you use it in a real scenario.

Social Media & Messenger

The iPhone Spy application reads the chats of WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, VK Chat and some more in the background. Chats are being read from the device in a short interval and will be uploaded to the account shortly after the message has been send or received. The Social Media chats will be displayed in a conversation view and will contain meta information like the time stamp of the messages and the contacts. All chats can be downloaded separately for easy archiving on a local pc.

Messenger Recording

This feature records the phone calls using Social Media Applications. Currently iPhone Spy records the phone calls from Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. Support for other messenger apps is currently in progress.

Photos & Videos

The iPhone Spy application permanently checks the images stored on the iPhone. Images or videos either received from social media apps or made with the camera application will be captured and send over to the server.

Safari & E-Mails

iPhone Spy App is able to read the Browser history from Safari Browser and also the first (main) E-Mail account you configure in the iPhone.

Location & Tracking

With the iPhone Spy App one can define a interval to get the device GPS location. The device will then get it’s location by the interval and send it to the account. The locations can be viewed on Google Maps. Another powerful feature is that one can define a certain radius around a GPS location and will receive an e-mail alert once the device has entered or left that radius.

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