FLEXImobile iCloud Spy without Jailbreak

Spy on Social Media chats, Monitor Images, Videos and more with iCloud Spy without Jailbreak

iCloud Spy is a wonderful solution when a jailbreak is not possible or not wanted. This type of web application reads the backups uploaded from an i-Device to iCloud. It is and works amazingly easy. As a parent, you should be the one who will setup the iCloud account for your minor children. Keep in mind, your children are underage and technically not allowed to sign the iCloud contract / agreement with apple. Therefore you should be doing it and you should do the setup.

So what you want to do is to do the whole setup. Install and configure all apps on the iPhone to backup the Messenger applications to iCloud. But also enable Contacts, Call Logs, E-Mails, Photos and Videos on the iPhone to be backed up to iCloud.

The next step is to login to our system and add the iCloud credentials. From that point our iCloud Spy solution will check the iCloud account regularly for new data. The Chats and Messages from SMS or Social Media, which you cannot read using iCloud, will be made visible and readable. Please keep in mind that the data in your account can and will only be updated when a new backup from the iPhone was send to iCloud. Our iCloud solution does not trigger the E-Mail that is being send when a sign in was made. So your children will not be notified when you check whats happening on their iCloud account. Please note, that iCloud only supports ONE device per iCloud Account. When you intend to monitor more devices, you will need to have a separate account for each device and a separate license for each device.

iCloud Spy general features

iCloud Spy works without the need to jailbreak the iPhone. You only have to enter the iCloud login details into our system. Please also make sure that Two Factor Authentication is turned off in order to allow our System to access the backups. With iCloud Spy you will be able to monitor phone call history, SMS, contacts and calendar events. Call logs will show you the call direction, the number that has called or the number that was dialed on the iPhone. SMS will be displayed as a list or in a chat conversation containing the time stamp of messages and also where it has been send to or where it is coming from. In case the contact is stored in the iPhone’s address book, the names of the contacts will be displayed. Contacts will be provided with all their details. Details like physical address, E-mail addresses, phone numbers and so on. Any details about an appointment or a notification stored in the calendar will be made visible to you too.

Photos & Videos

Whenever a Photo or Video has been made on the iPhone and uploaded to the iCloud account, our Web-App will pull the video or photo from the account. Have in mind, that whenever you login directly to the iCloud account, an notification E-Mail will be send to your children. When you use our system, the E-Mail will not be triggered. This is might helpful in case you don’t want your kids to know that you monitor them.

Social Media & Messenger

Most of the popular chat applications offer to backup all chats once a day to iCloud. Currently iCloud Spy supports WhatsApp Chats, Skype Chats, Viber Chats and Facebook Messenger Chats. Just configure the apps to do a backup once a day via iCloud and our iCloud Spy will make them readable for you.

Browser History & E-Mails

Configure iCloud to also do a backup of the Safari Browser History and our iCloud Spy will make the visited websites available for you. Setup a Mail Account and have it backed up by iCloud and iCloud Spy will make the E-Mails for you available too.

Location & Tracking

Enable the Find-My-iPhone function on the iPhone, to be able to see the device location in your iCloud Spy App account and track the device footprints.

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