FLEXImobile - Spy Apps can help employers to find his loyal workers and find those who are not loyal at all

Having the wrong people (not) working for you is a disaster

Most companies suffer when they hire the wrong people. There are many types of black sheep’s that can destroy the atmosphere and work flow in a company. There are some different types you should be aware of.

Troublemakers reduce productivity

According to different reports, troublemakers can reduce the productivity of a department down to 20%. Troublemaker are most likely to be more busy with influencing co-workers with negativity than to get their work done. Usually they yell all the time about how bad the environment is and how terrible they feel. This has a huge impact on other workers in the department and this one troublemaker will cost you much more than just his salary.

A prig can destroy your relationship with a customer

A prig is a person who always knows better, but is not able to deliver solutions or facts. Prigs are very dangerous when it comes to communication with a client because they will even correct the client when the client is correct. Be aware that this type of workers do not deliver any value to your company because they only want to know it better. Having a meeting with such persons is a disaster as well. But these two types of employees probably don’t have an impact as a real disloyal person who leaks your internal documents or data to your competition. This is more or less the most evil type of people you could have employed and if you don’t act quick he will drain the company, leave it, and you will have to mess out what he has left.

How to protect your company?

Please keep in mind that we cannot give you any legal advise since we are not lawyers and you should definitely talk with your attorney about it. But a scenario we’ve seen is that the HR department has made an agreement with all employees that they workers are not allowed to use any digital device, provided by the company, for private use. This did implicate that the employer is allowed to monitor the devices since they are being used business related only and therefore the data on the devices and also it’s overall communication belongs to the company. Please talk with a lawyer first to figure out a plan how you could implement such in your company to make sure you will stay within the law afterwards.

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