Earn some cash with FLEXImobile

With FLEXImobile’s Reseller / Affiliate program you can earn some cash when you register as an affiliate on our page and link to our site / posts or products, and the visitor coming from your link buys a product.

40% commission

Unlike the competition does, we don’t have any tiers. We don’t want to punish you for a low month, so we don’t have any tiers. Any Sale that is being generated with your affiliate link, will give you 40% of the sale.

90 Days Cookie

The moment a user hits our page using your affiliate link, our system will recognize his cookie for 90 days. The competition usually offers 30 days only.

NO Payout Limit

Unlike others, we dont collect your money until it hits a number. We will payout, every Month on the 15th, no matter how much you have in your account.

Personal Dashboard

Login to your personal account to find all numbers regarding your affiliate account and your earnings.

Sounds interesting to you? Well, go ahead and create an account in our Affiliate Area