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Android Spy App is a very powerful application to monitor and track events on any mobile device running on Android 4 to Android 6 Marshmallow. The App tracks data on the device in a intelligent and economic way. Everything the app does on the device is controlled by a scheduler to reduce the amount of CPU usage and traffic. The App collects data on the device for a few minutes and then sends it all in one package to the server. The data is fully encrypted on the device, will be decrypted by the server on arrival and will be deleted on the device by default. The data on the device will only be deleted when the server returns that it has received the whole package successfully. In case data is not being send completely, it will be kept on the device and resend at the next schedule.

General Features

General features of the Android Spy App are Call Logs, SMS, Contacts and Calendar. Call Logs are showing the time-stamp of the phone calls, the direction, the duration and the contact. SMS can be displayed as chat and / or as list, also containing full meta information about it. Calendar feature shows appointments and calendar entries and contacts are shown with full information about a contact stored on the device.

Photos & Videos

The Android Spy App is aware of large media files. To reduce the amount of traffic that can be caused by large image and video files. Images and videos will be compressed on the device before the app sends them over to the server. Yet the app monitors the device CPU usage in order to slower down video compression, video files which are larger than 750 MB will be ignored because the time to compress them will take to long and cause a loop of endless compression of video files in case there are many video files larger than 750 MB. Photo and Video compression can only work when the device is rooted. Regularly the app checks the Android DICM directory for new photos and videos. On rooted devices the app also checks in directories of social media applications for new photos or videos.

Audio & Recording

The Android Spy App has a powerful Audio Recording feature. It allows to record phone calls without rooting the phone. Due to differences of how OEM’s implement the Android Recording API, this feature cannot be fully guaranteed and it differs from device to device and from model to model. We have good results with the Samsung GALAXY S-Line devices (S3, S4, S5, S6, S7) which records phone calls without root. Be aware that this can really depend on the Samsung Android Build and on some device you will only hear one side of the call without root. Please also notice, the app sends usually first the audio files, and then its META data (time-stamp, call duration, direction, called number, GPS tag, etc). In some cases you might notice the call log shows new calls, with the duration of 0 seconds and as missed call, it’s most likely that the META data to that calls has not yet been send to the server. The Moment the META data to this call has been send by the device, the audio file will be available, and also the META data will be shown correctly.

Room Bugging

The Android Spy App can be used as a room-bug using a remote command to record the device surroundings (max. of 60 Min.). The remote command to start the ambient recording will be issued on the device once the command has been taken by the app from the server and will start recording the device surroundings and send the audio file (.mp3) to the server afterwards.

Messenger Recording

Android Spy App does also record the Calls from Social Media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype. Please notice, to have this feature working, the device has to have SELinux toggled of in the Kernel. This is mostly the case on Samsung Devices when being rooted by Chainfire’s CF Auto Root. For other devices we can recommend having a look at XDA Developers Forums.

Social Media & Messenger

On rooted devices the Android Spy App reads the databases from Social Media Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Telegram, WeChat and VK. The Android Spy App collects the chats and conversations from the databases constantly and sends it over to the server. While doing so, it also gathers the META data like time-stamp and contact. In case the contact one is chatting with, is also present in the device contacts, the panel will display the name instead of the number. In case the device is not rooted, the Android Spy App is able to read incoming messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype & Viber which appear as a notification in the Androids notification bar. E.G. the user is browsing the Internet on the device and a new WhatsApp message comes in and is displayed in the device notification bar, the app has captured that message. When the user has WhatsApp actively opened and a new message from WhatsApp comes in, it will not be captured by the app.

Location & Tracking

The Android Spy App tracks the GPS location of the device by a defined Interval. The interval is to be set in the Panel. Since Android 4.4 it is no longer possible to force GPS to be activated by an application, therefore GPS has to be enabled for the app to be able to track the device location. Apart from that, the application tries to get a GPS tag for every event. When a phone call is being placed or comes in, the app tries to get the current GPS position of the device and will send that location along with the meta data for the phone call. Sames goes for SMS, Pictures, Videos, Ambient Recording, etc. Another tool that comes in handy is the GEO Fencing feature in the panel. GEO Fencing allows to create a certain radius around a GPS location and a alarm via E-Mail can be triggered when the device leaves the defined range or enters it. Other Features are Cell Info, which provides (when possible) information about the connected cell tower, and WiFi Hotspot, which provides information about available WiFi Hotspots around the device and also to which Hotspot the device is connected.

Browser History

The app can read the history of visited websites from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This feature does only work on rooted devices. It does not track the logins to password protected sites, neither it will track the history when the user is using “Anonymous Browsing”.


Android Spy App can read incoming E-Mails from the G-Mail app and the native Android AOSP E-Mail client on rooted devices. It reads only the E-Mail body and will not provide attachments or pictures in E-Mails.

Remote Commands

Remote commands are commands which can be issued from the panel account. Unlike SMS commands, where the user always fears that it’ll maybe shown on the device, these type of commands are online commands only. The commands, once issued on the panel, will be put in a queue and can be canceled as long as not being taken by the device. The app on the device asks regularly for new commands on the server and will execute all commands in queue. Available commands are:

  • Send Debug LogFile – Sends a LogFile of the Spy App Activities to the server. In case of an issue, the log contains useful information to track down an issue.
  • Reboot Device – reboots the Android device
  • Ambient Recording – Issues the Microphone being activated on the Android device to record the device surroundings.
  • Un-Install Application – In case the device is rooted, this command will completely remove the App and all its data from the device.

System Application

On rooted devices, the application can be set as System Application. Generally we highly recommend the app being run as system application to guarantee all features since the app will have much more power and permissions running as system app. Running as a system application can, in case the device does not have a “System Less” root, even run perfectly well after a factory reset issued using the Android Factory Reset option in Settings.

Hide SuperSU

In case one does not want to have the SuperSU Icon visible in the Android Launcher, The Android Spy App can make the SuperSU application invisible on the device.


Android Spy App will update itself on rooted devices when a new update was released. Android Spy App checks the build server for updates every 24 hours and will install them without any notifications shown on the device. On devices without root, the update has to be installed manually on the device. App Updates cover changes in Messenger Application Databases and also other improvements.

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