FLEXImobile - Spy Applications can help concerned parents to find out what their children are going thru

Children with a low self-esteem are afraid to ask questions

Children these days are exposed to the whole Internet. They are being bullied, harassed, insulted, exposed and have to deal with to many influences than they can handle wisely. And we are not talking here about porn. Porn is a piece of cake. The Internet is generally a great place – for grownups. Adults know the difference between right or wrong. As a adult I know how to handle a critical situation and I also know when its time to block and ignore someone. Children don’t.
prevent your kids from playing sinister games and save them from suicide

prevent your kids from playing sinister games and save them from suicide. IMAGE: THE SIBERIAN TIMES

Have you read about the “Blue Whale”? No? In Russia, Moscow, someone has manipulated about 130 – yes one hundred thirty teens into suicide. Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers of 130 teenagers have lost a beloved member of their family in a suicide death because of one single person who has played a horrible sinister game with them. This game involved the teens complete 50 tasks within 50 days. Some of them were self-harming, watching horror movies, waking up at unusual times and many more we don’t want to think of. The task for day 50 was to commit suicide.
Another unnamed 15-year-old girl was also critically injured after falling onto snowy ground from a fifth floor flat in the city of Krasnoyarsk, also Siberia.
Yulia , 15, jumped to her death from an apartment block
a 14-year-old girl from Chita was reported to have thrown herself under a commuter train.
Reportedly, all of them have announced their suicide on Social Media platforms and because Parents, friends, brothers and sisters were not aware of what this you boys and girls are going through, they were not able to save their children from death. Parents you have to wake up. Installing FLEXImobile Spy Applications will give you an insight of what your minor children are going through and will help you to understand your children. Children which such a low self-esteem will not talk to you about the Blue Whale. No. They will just be part of the game and they will finish it when parents don’t open their eyes.

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