Mobile Tracking & Monitoring solutions

FLEXImobile Tracking and Spy App for Android, iPhone or iCloud.

Apps to monitor WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Emails, GPS, record phone calls and many more. FLEXImobile Spy is one of the best products on the market to allow parents to regain parental control even the device is phone is locked.
    • GPS Location

    • Track the device GPS location and know where your children are in the middle of the night.

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    • Call Recording

    • Phone calls are being recorded on Android without root and iPhone Spy App.

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    • Ambient recording

    • Know what is happening around your children. Send a remote command and get a bigger picture of the device surroundings.

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    • Messenger recording

    • Record all calls made via Messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Viber.

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    • Social Media Chats

    • Read chats from Messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Viber. Available for Android (also without root) iPhone and iCloud Spy.

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    • Photos & Videos

    • Kids these days share shocking images and videos. Get to know what they are sharing or receiving and step in when necessary.

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Help your spouse to regain trust

Give your partner the ability to trust you again FLEXImobile Spy Applications could help you to save your broken marriage and to keep your family together during tough times. The average lengthRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 20, 2017

Find your loyal employees .. and the ones who are not

Having the wrong people (not) working for you is a disaster Most companies suffer when they hire the wrong people. There are many types of black sheep’s that can destroy the atmosphereRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 20, 2017

Advise your children before it’s too late

Children with a low self-esteem are afraid to ask questions Children these days are exposed to the whole Internet. They are being bullied, harassed, insulted, exposed and have to deal with toRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 20, 2017

FLEXImobile spy applications for Android, iPhone or iCloud

Our Spy Apps are available for Android, iPhone and iCloud. Spy on Android devices with or without root. Spy on iPhones with a jailbreak, or spy on iCloud without a jailbreak.
  • iPhone Spy App

    FLEXImobile Use iPhone Spy App to spy on WhatsApp Facebook Skype or Viber chats or record phone calls

    Compatible from iOS 7 to iOS 9.x (The update for iOS 10 is on its way.)

    Install the iPhone Spy App on any jailbroken iPhone and monitor Messenger Chats and Social Media apps.

  • Android Spy App

    FLEXImobile Install Android Spy App on Samsung GALAXY S8 and spy on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Skype Chats or record all phone calls

    We currently support any Android devices form Android 4 to Andorid 6 Marshmallow. The update for Android 7 Nougat is on its way.

    Benefit from Call Recordings with and without root. Record Messenger Calls and the device surroundings.

  • iCloud Spy App

    FLEXImobile Spy App to spy on WhatsApp Facebook Skype or Viber chats without jailbreak

    iCloud Spy is compatible with any iDevice that allows you to backup your iDevice into iCloud. Currently supported from iOS 7 to iOS 10.x

    Best solution to spy on iPhones remotely without a jailbreak. Enter the iCloud credentials in our system read all chats from the backups.

FLEXImobile – spy phones and setup services

For those who are not very technical, we have partnered with Spyphone.Software, who offer to ship ready to go Spy Phones. Just choose your preferred spy phone and they will deliver it. Spy Phones are phones that will be prepared with our spy apps for Android or iPhone. No need to find a jailbreak, no need to find a root for a device. Don’t be worried to brick a phone by using a wrong root or jailbreak. In case you already have a phone you wish to use our spy software on, simply just order our “ship in” service and for a little fee we will turn that device into a spy phone like you’ve ordered it with Spyphone.Software.
  • Ready to go Spy Phones

    Order a Spy Phone at Spyphone.Software prepared with FLEXImobile Spy

    In case the device you are looking for is not available, simply drop Spyphone.Software a message and they will be happy to make you a special offer for the device you wish. Spy Phones are being delivered within about 3 business days with TNT Express to your doorstep. Read more about pre installed spy phones

    Spy phones are devices prepared with our Android or iPhone spy application and will be delivered in the original box.

  • Ship in your device

    FLEXImobile Ship In your Phone and we make it a spy phone

    Just ship in your device and we will turn it into a spy phone for you. This service covers not only the installation of the app, but also rooting of a Android device and Jailbreaking of a iPhone Read more about our SHIP-IN service

    It doesn’t make sense to buy a new device when you already have one. Purchase our “Ship In” service and we will make a spy phone from your device.


What is FLEXImobile Android Spy capable of?

Use FLEXImobile Spy, as a spy mobile app for mobile phone espionage for Android, iPhone or iCloud Spy. The mobile espionage app is excellent to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, andRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Jun 26, 2017

iCloud Spy App

Spy on Social Media chats, Monitor Images, Videos and more with iCloud Spy without Jailbreak iCloud Spy is a wonderful solution when a jailbreak is not possible or not wanted. This typeRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 25, 2017

Issues In Employee Monitoring

Issues In Employee Monitoring: The Role Of Motivation The dawn of the Industrial age has led to the creation of mass production of goods and services. Consequently, entrepreneurs with the vision toRead More...
By : FLEXImobile | Mar 23, 2017

iPhone Spy App

Spy App for iPhones to read Social Media chats, Monitor Images and Videos and more An awesome application to read chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, record phone calls and many more.Read More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 22, 2017

Android Spy App

Read Social Media Chats, Record phone calls and many more Android Spy App is a very powerful application to monitor and track events on any mobile device running on Android 4 toRead More...
By : FLEXImobile F | Mar 22, 2017
  • Why FLEXImobile?

    We are in business a long time before we could even thing of what is possible these days. FLEXImobile is oriented on the market and updates applications and features regularly.

  • Why Spy Apps?

    Spy Apps shouldn’t be abused to spy on your spouse. This is most likely illegal. But as a parent you should use our applications to be able to see inside your minor children thoughts to prevent the from dangerous places offline and online.

  • How to buy?

    Just choose the product your wish, choose your license duration and follow the checkout procedure. Documents regarding the installation will be send to your directly after your successful purchase.

  • Service & Support

    In case you need some assistance or you have any questions before or after the purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our support agents speak fluently English, French, German and Dutch.

  • Support Center

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