With the fastest real time gps tracking system on the market, FLEXItrack is able to provide industry leading fleet and asset tracking solutions.

Why FLEXItrack Solutions

High Quality GPS/GSM Tracking Device with High Quality Support. 

Thank you for showing interest in our FLEXItrack Vehicle Tracking-Managing-Monitoring devices.

FLEXItrack by FLEXImobile is an advanced tracking and monitoring device. It’s an excellent tool to keep your family and your business safe. Professional solutions for fleet owners and security services. FLEXItrack gives you total control over your vehicles, assets and your beloved ones. Simply because you deserve security and peace of mind.

The easy-to-use GPS tracking system is implemented with a real-time tracking monitored through any PC, tablet or mobile phone. FLEXItrack collects useful data (such as GPS coordinates, speeding, geofencing…) and transfers it via GSM network to server.

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